Mobile App Development


Apple is a leader in design, and we have always been on the cutting edge of their new digital platforms. We were an early adopter of Apple’s Swift programming language. When coupled with Objective-C, Swift allows for clean syntax that makes APIs easier to read and maintain. Our device-side developers like the high-end feel and functionality of iOS.


We write custom Android apps with an understanding of bandwidth requirements, scalability, usability and testing. Not all apps are created equal. Our Android developers like the rapid development cycle and cloud capabilities of the Android platform. Google is genius. Next up for Android? Wearables, M-payments, big data, and, of course, the Internet of Things.


We write hybrid mobile apps that behave exactly like native equivalents. Hybrid apps target a phone’s WebView inside a native container. In other words, you’ll never know if an app is native or hybrid. They operate the same to the user, and that’s what matters. Hybrid development gets us to market faster. Hybrid apps work well for frequent updates to your app. The user experience is still good.